Creative Team

Concept: Martin Haselböck, Frank Hoffmann, Virgil Widrich
Musical Direction: Martin Haselböck
Director: Frank Hoffmann
Stage, Visuals and Film Projections: Virgil Widrich
Digital painting and Animation: Oleg Prodeus
Costumes: Katharina Polheim


Singers: Christoph Genz or James Oxley or Nicholas Mulroy or Aaron Sheenan
Dancers: Sylvia Camarda & Jean-Guillaume Weis
Voice: a member of the Vienna Boys’ Choir
Ensemble (Luxembourg):
Soloists of Orchester Wiener Akademie & Musica Angelica Baroque Orchestra Los Angeles


Production: Christoph Haselböck, Andrea Kleibel

Administration: Jean-Claude Hoffmann
Communications & Public relations: Pascale Biever
Production: Antonia Kohler